Summer Home Learning Opportunities

To encourage children to get outdoors and experience new things, we have created the Avenue Activity Passport with the help of the Department for Education. Over the years, technology has changed virtually every aspect of society. One of the differences that have been most noticeable is the change in the way that children play and interact with each other from previous generations. Although technology does provide many positive benefits for learning, it also can have several negative effects on child development and quality of life. Children need to explore, take risks, question, experiment, discover, sing, dance, and imagine. Activities outdoors or new experiences support children developing these skills and their development both physically and mentally. My Avenue Activity Passport includes a range of activities for children from Nursery to Year 6. Most activities will require some adult supervision. Please scroll down to page 4 for the Year 2 activities.

Below are some English and Maths Home Learning opportunities that you might like to complete over the summer to assist with your child’s transition into Year 3.

Below is the reading trail for Year 3 that can be used as book suggestions for your summer reading.