This Week’s Learning – w/c 11th March 2019


In our topic lessons this week, we have had lots of fun! At the beginning of the week, we designed and created our very own animal masks. We experimented using different materials and different techniques that we could use to create the fur of an animal . We chose the animal we wanted to make and used the different techniques to create some brilliant animal masks!

This week in topic, we were also learning about the different places in the world animals live. We looked at the different temperatures of places around the world, from hot, to cold, to even tropical! We thought carefully about why certain animals lived in certain areas and why they were suited to living there. We also looked at the 7 continents of the world and the 5 oceans and we could name them all. We loved singing our special songs to help us remember!


In maths this week, we were continuing to develop our understanding of place value and representing 2-digit numbers. We were representing numbers all the way up to 50 this week! We used dienes to help us understanding the difference between the tens and the ones. We also used this to help us partition numbers all the way up to 50.

This week, we were also learning to recall the odd and even numbers. We used numicon to help us identify the difference between odd and even and to help us remember them. We practised identifying odd and even numbers lots, and we were then able to create some rules about what happens when we add odd or even numbers together! We used our knowledge to help us reason and answer some tricky true or false questions.