This Week’s Learning – W/c 26.11.18


Our week began with a wonderful visit from two residents of the Abbeyfield residential home, who had come to talk to us about how toys have changed from when they were young in the 1930s. We loved listening to them describe popular toys such as paper aeroplanes and tin soldiers and enjoyed the opportunity to ask them lots of questions. Following this, we received a video message from Barnaby Bear, who requested that we send him a postcard to describe a trip we had been on, using the time starters ‘first’, ‘next’, ‘after’ and ‘finally’ – we were very good at spotting the time starters and adjectives in Barnaby’s postcard too! After this, we began our art focus for the week by researching the collages of five famous artists: Picasso, Arcimboldo, Nancy Standlee, Andy Goldsworthy and Matisse. We decided which artist was our favourite and planned to create our own collages in the style of one of them. Finally, we had fun tearing and cutting pieces of coloured tissue and card to create our own Teddy bear collages!

We would love you to come and see our Teddy bear collages on Tuesday 11th December at 2:30pm for our Year 1 Open Classroom event (there will be a blogged reminder during the week beginning 03.12.18)


This week in maths we began our focus on subtraction. We learned that when we subtract, the amount we have becomes smaller and were able to illustrate this using real life objects, before moving on to counters. We began by singing the song Ten Green Bottles, realising that as each bottle fell off the wall, the number of bottles that were left on the wall became smaller. We then discussed the subtraction symbol and determined that we can use the vocabulary: ‘minus’, ‘subtract’ and ‘take away’. We read number sentences such as                 ‘7 – 5=(  )’  and were able to use the counters to represent the bottles when finding out our answer, by physically taking away the correct number. Finally, we discovered that we can also subtract by crossing out. We read a number sentence such as ’10 – 4 = (  )’ and were able to draw 10 dots on our whiteboards and cross off 4 dots to find our answer.