End of the Year!

So here we are at the end of a whole year, and what a wonderful year it has been!

The Year 1 team would like to extend their huge thanks for all your support this year. Thanks to you, the children have enjoyed a multitude of fantastic activities and opportunities, such as: smoothie making, castle building, a teddy bear’s picnic and creating a free-standing structure using lolly-pop sticks.

Thank you for the financial support that has enabled our wonderful trips and workshops this year, such as the Magical Toy museum, the Seasides workshop and our trip to Battersea Park Zoo.

We are also grateful to all of those parents who have accompanied us on school trips and activities such as the Marsden March and to Battersea Park Zoo – without you, our trips would not be possible and we are so thankful for your time and effort.

We wish you all a wonderful summer and wish all of the children luck as they embark on new adventures in Year 2!

The Year 1 team

This Week’s Learning – W/c 15.09.19


This week in our topic lessons, we reflected on a wonderful year of learning. We drew pictures to answer categories such as ‘My favourite lesson’ and ‘My funniest moment’ and wrote sentences in a booklet to tell our new Year 2 teachers similar information about us. We realised that our Year 2 teachers would like to know more about our interests, so we wrote them a letter to tell them about our favourite colour, or hobbies and our favourite subjects as school. Whilst thinking about Year 2, we decided to give ourselves a target, which we hope to complete next year. Finally, we enjoyed making and painting some plant pots for the sunflowers we planted earlier this term.


This week in our maths lessons, we focused on telling the time to nearest hour and half an hour. We now know that a clock has a face a two hands known as the minute hand and the hour hand. We recognise that when the minute hand is touching the 12, it is an ‘o’ clock time and when the minute hand is touching the 6, it is half-past the hour. We practiced identifying the time as well as drawing the hands on clocks to represent the time. Finally, we enjoyed playing a game of BINGO with some ‘o’ clock and half-past times.

Class Teacher Awards – W/c 15.07.19

Well done to the following children who were chosen to receive a Class Teacher or Year Group Leader award for demonstrating one of the Avenue Values in their classes.

Ants:  Emma and Rory

Crickets:  Emily and Yavuz

Grasshoppers:  Vibhav and Mikaela

Ladybirds:  Violet and Adil

Below is a reminder of our Avenue Values.


Pride in achievements and self confidence.

Building relationships and team work.


Mutual respect and tolerance.

Swimming Volunteers 2019/20

This September 2019 will see the return of our wonderful school pool and swimming lessons once a week for the first Autumn term.

We are therefore looking for volunteers who would be willing to support their child’s Year 2 class from September 2019. In order to volunteer you will need to have a valid DBS check. You can speak to your child’s current class teacher if you would like to apply for a DBS check through the school and we can give you the appropriate paperwork. Please be aware that a DBS check takes 6 weeks to be approved, so you will need to volunteer promptly, if you would like to help from September.

Ideally, we would like two volunteers per class, who could either help the children with their swimming together, or could come in to help on alternate weeks. You will be getting into the water with the children in order to support the swimming instructor.

We cannot yet confirm the swimming timetable, however if you are interested then please let your child’s current class teacher know your availability.

Thanks in advance. Please could this message be added to any Year 1 Facebook groups or Whatsapp groups to spread the word.

Children swimming in the pool

Health and Wellbeing Summer 2

In Health and Wellbeing this half term we learnt lots of new things in our emotional strand.

Knowledge we have gained:

We have learnt that change can be an exciting process, how to recognise what we are good at and about the importance of not keeping secrets that make us feel uncomfortable.

Skills we have learnt and used: 

We are now able to set ourselves simple goals, after talking about what our strengths are. We can talk about how it feels when there is change or loss in our lives and can ask for help if we are worried about something. We are able to look at change as a positive thing and can look forward to the exciting factors that come with a change. Finally, we are able to share secrets that make us feel uncomfortable or scared and can identify whether a secret needs to be shared or whether it is a good secret that should be kept, like a surprise birthday party.


Billie: ‘I will miss Year 1 but I am excited to see my new teacher.’

Kesia: ‘I know that it is important to tell my teacher if someone makes me sad in the playground, because that is not a good secret.’

Tomi: ‘Sometimes people don’t like surprises so maybe you should tell them that secret, if you know it will make them sad’.

Arib: ‘I am really excited for Year 2 because we are going to have lots of new topics and they will be fun!’

Key Vocabulary that we have learned and used: Change, difference, future, looking forwards, excitement, difficulty, anxiety, secrets, surprises, good, sad, choices, speaking, sharing, discussing, positivity.

Year 1 Picnic

As a special treat, the Year 1 children will be going for a special picnic on the school field on Monday 22nd of July. The children will be provided with a packed lunch, as they would be for a school trip, unless they usually bring their own packed lunch.

We would love it if the children could bring in one toy to celebrate the end of the year with them and join us for our special picnic on Monday. Please ensure that this is not your child’s favourite toy/ a toy that is fragile, as we cannot take responsibility for every toy.

Book Fair

Every day after school this week, the Avenue will be welcoming the return of our book fair!
This is a wonderful event that promotes reading throughout the primary school ages, by selling a range of fiction and non-fiction books. We strongly encourage you to come and take a look with your child after school on any of the aforementioned dates (including Parent Consultation Evening).

The fair will take place in the entrance hall outside the office, via the Avenue Road entrance.

Please be advised that these books are not free and will need to be purchased by an adult, so all children will need to be accompanied by an adult, in order to buy a book.

This Week’s Learning – W/C 8.07.19


This week in Topic we learnt all about how to make a stable structure. We were set the challenge to create a tree house for the playground using lolly pop sticks and masking tape. We started the week off by discussing what makes a good structure and planning our own tree houses. After that we started the hard challenge of building, even though we found it difficult we all persevered and were proud of are end achievements.  Following this we were able to evaluate are structures, explaining what we think went well and what we would improve next time. To finish off the week we all went on a tree hunt around the school to find different types of trees e.g. Apple trees and cherry blossoms.


This week in maths we started the week by recapping the days of the weeks and ordering them at our tables. We were given the task to think about what day comes before and what day comes after and then say it in a full sentence e.g. Yesterday was _______, Today is ________ and tomorrow will be _________. We then went on to discuss the months of the year and again had to use our knowledge to order the months and then discuss which month was last month, this month and next month. Additionally, we looked at daily routines and in what order they go in and why. We were all confidently able to define the word ‘chronological’. Finally we ended the week by estimating how long it would take us to do certain tasks (e.g. jumping jacks, writing a story, getting changed for PE) focusing on the language: seconds, minutes and hours.