Half Term Teacher Update

Hello Year Two,

How are you all? Us teachers, have all had an enjoyable, relaxing half term:) We all hope that you have also had a fantastic time with your adults and families at home! I’m sure you’ve managed to do lots of fun activities as well as relaxing. We have lots more fun activities for you planned for the rest of the Summer term! We hope that you enjoy your weekend and each teacher will update you again next week.

We all miss you lots,

Miss Webb, Miss Derrick, Miss Baird and Mrs Baranowicz πŸ™‚

Half Term Enrichment

Happy half term! We hope that you have enjoyed the activities and learning you have done at home over the first half of the Summer term. Below are a selection of optional activities that you may wish to do over your week off. We hope you all have a relaxing time together during the week break. Best wishes, the Year Two team πŸ™‚


Imagine a secret door in your home that leads to a magical place. Draw the door and the place

Design your own garden that is inviting to all wildlife and save water – https://www.rhs.org.uk/shows-events/virtual-chelsea

Food Waste Challenge – Invent ways to encourage people to waste less food. Create a poster, model or presentation to explain your invention.

30 Days Wild – 30 Days Wild starts in June but there is no reason why you cannot start early! This is The Wildlife Trusts annual nature challenge. Do one wild thing a day throughout the whole month: for your health, wellbeing and for the planet. 


Below are links to a variety of resources that your children can access over the half term break.

Eden Project – Eden at home has lots of outdoor learning resources to do at home – https://www.edenproject.com/learn/for-everyone

Chef Jamie Oliver is hosting a nightly cooking show on Channel 4 to help families plan their meals “in these unique times”. https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/category/books/keep-cooking-and-carry-on/

Blockly is a fun and free way to learn computer programming. https://blockly.games/

Little Inventors is a creative education organisation that inspires imagination by taking children’s amazing ideas seriously.  https://www.littleinventors.org/

Joe Wick’s PE workout – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAxW1XT0iEJo0TYlRfn6rYQ

Scouts – The Great Indoors –https://www.scouts.org.uk/the-great-indoors/

Miss Derrick’s Update

Hi Dragonflies!! Hope you’re all ok!

What a lovely, sunny week it has been! I have loved getting to chat to so many of you on the phone this week. You’ve all been working so hard and you should feel so proud of how you have persevered with your learning even though we’re not at school.

This week I had a lovely time at school with the children. We did lots of fun activities with each other and enjoyed playing out in the sunshine. You may be able to spot some of your friends from Year Two in the picture!

I am so glad to hear that so many of you enjoy watching the teachers videos to help you with your learning. This week, I have enjoyed filming some more, ready for you to watch after the half term break! I wonder if Jessie the cat will make anymore appearances?! It has been a short half term this time, only 5 weeks, but you have still worked super hard so I hope you all enjoy a nice break and spend some time with your families doing some fun activities! This week, it has been Mental Health Awareness Week, something we have learnt a lot about in school. This year, the theme is all about kindness and how we can show kindness to others and ourselves. I know that our class is full of kind and caring children and it’s very sad we haven’t been able to share our kindness with each other for a while now. I hope you have been kind towards your families whilst being at home for this very long time and I also hope you are being kind to yourselves. This means you take some breaks from doing your learning, you do something you enjoy (maybe reading or playing a game) and you enjoy your well-deserved half term break.

I hope to speak to you all again soon, but for now, have a lovely half term. Stay safe and healthy. Speak soon, Miss Derrick πŸ™‚ x

Miss Baird’s Update

Hello Tiger Moths!

I hope you are all well and making the most of the lovely weather. I have really enjoyed speaking to you all again this week and finding out what fun activities you have been doing at home. I have heard that lots of you have been taking this opportunity to learn to ride your bikes without stabilizers, making things out of arts and crafts and learning to bake like me! It has been great to see the work you have been sending in too!

This week, I have been enjoying sitting in my garden in the sunshine. I’ve made sure I put sun cream on to look after my skin! I hope you have been able to get out in the sunshine this week too. Like some of you, I also made a fruit face in the style of Arcimboldo, below is a picture of the face I made. I tried to follow my plan very carefully.

As always, I hope that you and your families are staying safe and happy. Hope you all have an enjoyable half term!

Take care and speak soon.

Miss Baird πŸ™‚

Mrs Stock’s Indoor Adventures with Hugsy


This week, Hugsy decided he wanted to try and make pizza! Hugsy couldn’t find any flour in the shops so he bought a ready made pizza dough and added lots of toppings. His favourite toppings are yellow pepper and red onion! I made sure I supervised as Hugsy used the pizza cutter when it had cooked. He was so proud of himself!

Have you made anything to eat with your family? What are your favourite pizza toppings?

From Mrs Stock and Hugsy

Mrs Baranowicz’s weekly update

Hello again Glow Worms!

I hope you are all well and making the most of the lovely weather. I have been so impressed by the work you have been sending in, I can tell you have all been working so hard, so well done and keep it up!

This week I have really enjoyed being able to now sit in the park because I don’t have a garden, so I have been making the most of my local parks. I wanted to do some baking this week but could not find four anywhere! I did try some recipes that don’t need flour but they didn’t turn out well (not sure I’ll be trying that again). Hopefully, I can find some flour and show you my baking next time.

I’m currently working on a piece of art for my Nephew who is turning two soon, he loves my parent’s dog and is really sad at the moment as he can’t see him, so I thought I would do a nice drawing of him and Jasper (the name of my parent’s dog) to go on his bedroom wall.

I miss you all more and more each day! Stay safe, all the best, Mrs Baranowicz.

Miss Webb’s Update

Hi Butterfly class,

I hope you have had a great week and are enjoying the beautiful sunshine. I have loved getting to chat to most of you again this week and it has been amazing to hear all the wonderful things you have been up to. I can tell that you are being just as wonderful, kind and caring as you are in Butterfly class and I am so very proud of you!

This week, I enjoyed going into school and doing some fun activities with the children there. We got to spend some time in the sunshine too which was lovely. I also finished the whole Harry Potter series of books and started on a new book. I have really enjoyed being able to go and sit in the park for a little while and enjoy the sunshine! I even treated myself to a refreshing ice-lolly. It was delicious!

To keep my body happy and active, I have been running, skipping and walking. I always feel so energised and ready for the day after I have exercised! For my mind, I have been meditating – I really enjoy the cosmic kids ones that I find on YouTube.

I can’t believe this half term is over already! It has been a very strange and unusual one, but I am as proud of you as ever for working super hard even with the different circumstances. You (and your adults) definitely deserve a relaxing, fun half term break! Make sure you take care of yourselves and do the things that you love and spend time with your loved ones at home!

Thank you for always being such super, twinkling stars! You are all incredible!

Speak to you soon and missing you lots,

Miss Webb πŸ™‚