Seaside in a Bottle!

Next week, Year 1 will be making a ‘Seaside in a Bottle’. In order to complete this activity, each child will require a small, clear plastic bottle.

If you are able, please could you send your child in with one or more clear plastic bottles by next Wednesday 1st of May, for this activity.

Thank you once again for your support.

The Year 1 Team 🙂

Health and Well-being this term.

In Health and Well-being this half term we learnt lots of new things in our emotional strand.

Knowledge we have gained:

We have learnt about different feelings/emotions and how to manage them.

Skills we have learnt and used: 

This term we have been focusing on emotions and feelings. We have learnt how about how there are good and bad emotions and how to identify them. We have learnt how to manage our worries and what we should do if we feel worried. Also, we looked at anger and what to do when we are angry. This has been great as we have learnt that it’s normal to feel these emotions and we can use different strategies to help us such as counting to 10, speaking to an adult, listening to some music.


Joel: ‘I know that when I get angry I need to count to 10.’

Martha: ‘When I’m worried I need to speak to a grown up that I trust.’

Orla: ‘If my friend is worried or angry I need to make sure they are ok.

Daniel D: ‘I always make sure that I do something I like when I am sad or angry.’ 

Key Vocabulary that we have learned and used: mental health, feelings and emotions, managing changes, skill and strategies for resilience, angry, sad, happy, worried, excited, nervous.

This Weeks Learning – W/C 1.04.19


This week in Topic we started off by designing our animal bread rolls. We had to design and discuss what ingredients were going to be used and what animal we were going to create out of the dough.  We then all had the chance of making our designs which was very exciting! After we tasted our bread rolls, we had a discussion about what they tasted like using lots of different adjectives. This lead onto us evaluating our bread rolls and discussing what went well and how we could improve them. To end our week we talked about what we had learnt this term and did a quiz to test our knowledge, we scored 10/10 and we were really proud of ourselves for persevering!


In maths this week we practiced our 2, 5 and 10 times tables. We started off by putting socks on a washing line and recalling the 2 times tables. We then coloured in all the 2 times tables on a hundred square and identified that all the numbers in the 2 times table are even. Following this we looked at the 5 times tables and this time noticed that if  a number ends in a 5 or a 0 it is in the 5 times table.  Finally we ended the week blasting off to space counting in our 10’s time table which was fun! We found out that if a number ends in a 0 it is a multiple of 10.

Happy Holidays!

The Year 1 team just wanted to wish all children and their families a lovely two week break! The children have worked really hard this term and we are so proud of all of their achievements. We hope that everyone has a lovely, restful break and look forward to seeing the children again on Tuesday 23rd of April!

Everybody Writes Day!

This week, we celebrated the impact of great writing during our second ‘Everybody Writes Day’ event! We began by reading the poem Daffodils by William Wordsworth and examining what each line meant within the first two stanzas. We were fascinated by the poetic language used and were also able to identify adjectives:

We then split the poems into sections which could be acted out in groups. We enjoyed performing the poem using our actions, as a whole class. Finally, we learned about acrostic poetry and wrote our own about daffodils.

Year Group Leader Awards – w/c 1.04.19

Well done to the following children who were chosen to receive a year group leader award for demonstrating one of the Avenue Values in their classes.
Arib and Shriya
 Emily and Leila
Zaara and Ayra.
Phase Leader Award: Fejiro
Martha and Orla

Below is a reminder of our Avenue Values.
Pride in achievements and self confidence.                         
 Building relationships and team work.
Mutual respect and tolerance.

Get Caught Reading!

We want to see where your children are reading. Sometimes it can be the most peculiar places. Over the holidays, let’s see if your children can ‘Get Caught Reading’ a book. If you would like to share an image of your child enjoying a book, please send them into school with a small image. It can be them enjoying a book on the bus, swinging on the swings, at the beach, under a table or upside down on the sofa.

This is just a bit of fun and will also contribute to a whole school reading display. More importantly, it is to encourage children to read books more often and wherever they choose to, no matter if reading is beyond bedtime.

Thank you 🙂

Year 1 Trip to Battersea Park Zoo

Year 1 had a fantastic trip to Battersea Park Zoo this week! We enjoyed seeing animals such as meerkats, otters, monkeys, polecats, emus and sheep and the opportunity to stroke either a rabbit or a guinea pig! We also loved travelling into London on the train and the chance to play in the playground with all of our friends.

Thank you so much to all of our wonderful parent helpers – we are so grateful for your support in helping both days to run smoothly.

A final thank you to everyone who has paid their voluntary contribution of £15 – without this, trips would not be able to take place and the children do benefit a huge amount from the experience, so thank you.