Next week’s learning.

Next week we will be learning the sounds ‘ch’‘ng’, ‘ai’ and ‘ee’ in phonics.  We will also be learning how to spell the tricky words no and go.

In maths we will be learning about capacity. We will learn that capacity is how much is in a container. We will begin to use different terminology including more, full, nearly full, half full, nearly empty and empty. We will explore capacity by filling cups with water and we will also compare different capacities throughout the week.

In topic, we will be looking at flags from around the world. We will start the week by looking at flags from different countries and will discuss where we think they come from, what they are used for and what they look like. We are also going to design our own class flags and write a description. Towards the end of the week will be discussing the feelings we might experience when we win or lose.

This weeks learning.


In phonics this week we have learnt the sounds qu, sh and th. We have learnt  ‘th’ can make a quiet or a loud sound depending on where the sounds comes in the word. We have also learnt to read three new tricky words, we, me and be.

This week in maths we have looked at height. We started the week by looking at the vocabulary taller and shorter. We used members of our class to help us. We also went on a hunt in the outdoor area to find objects that were taller than a counting stick. Towards the end of the week we ordered monsters by their height as well as ordering our own towers.

In topic we have been learning about food from around the world. We began the week by designing our very own healthy pizzas. We looked at a variety of healthy pizzas before looking at the toppings we could choose from. After we had all designed our pizzas we made them and waited patiently for them to cook. Once cooked we ate and evaluated them. After learning about healthy eating on our health and well-being morning we were able to sort a variety of food into the two categories healthy and treats. We also had the opportunity to taste different foods from other countries and decide which country they originated from. We tried baguette from France, olives from the Mediterranean, pineapple from the Caribbean and many more.



Next week’s learning

Next week we will be learning the sounds qu, sh and th in phonics.  We will also introduce the tricky words, we, me and be.

In maths we will be comparing the height of objects. We will go on a hunt to find objects that are taller and shorter than others. We will build our own towers using different construction materials and then order our towers by their height.

In topic, we will be learning about food from around the world. To start off the week, we will be designing our own pizzas. After designing them, we will make the pizzas and evaluate them. We will also have the chance to taste different foods, thinking about the countries that they originated from. We will sort different food items and we will decide which foods are healthy for us and which foods we should have as a treat.


School start times

We would like to remind you that school starts at 8:30am and that your child must be in their classroom promptly at 8:30. We have noticed that children are starting to come through the gates at 8:30 – this means that they will be marked as late once they get into their classroom. Therefore please ensure that you are walking your child through the gates before 8:30am so that they are not marked as late.
Gates open at 8:10am and reception classrooms are open from 8:20am to give children time to start the day calmly. ​If you need any support, please contact your child’s class teacher who can put you in touch with our family support worker.

This week’s learning


In phonics, we learnt the sounds w, x, y and z. We also learnt the zz digraph, which makes the same sound as z, however it has two letters and it is found at the end of a word. We also learnt to read the tricky words he and she.

This week in maths, we focused on weight.  We predicted which objects would be the heaviest and which objects would be the lightest. We learnt that a prediction is a sensible guess. After making our predictions, we used balancing scales to weigh the different objects. At the end of the week, we had a go at ordering a range of objects from lightest to heaviest. We also consolidated our knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes, by sorting them into groups and describing their properties.

In our topic, we looked at ‘Barnaby Bear’s Atlas’. We explored the different features of non-fiction books and we had a go at using the contents page to find specific information. We learnt that foods come from different countries around the world.

We also discussed holidays that we have been on with our families. We thought about the weather in different countries and what suitable items of clothing we would need to pack in our own suitcases. To build on our knowledge of technology, we practised using walkie-talkies. We learnt that walkie-talkies are used as a means of communication. We discussed who would use them and why.

In PE, we performed our own Chinese New Year dance. We thought about how dragons move and we watched a short video to explore the different movements. In groups, we developed a routine and performed this to our class.


Finally, to set our topic off to a flying start, we had our ‘Around the World’ hook day. With our passports in one hand and our boarding passes in the other, we set off to the hall. We were amazed that it had been transformed into an aeroplane! We were all very excited and boarded the plane, ready to set off on our flight to Spain. We watched a short safety video and then we heard the aeroplane beginning to take off. During the course of our flight, we watched our plane move across a map of the world. We enjoyed being served refreshments by our teachers, who were dressed as flight attendants.


Have a lovely weekend!

The Reception team.