Thank You

We are sending a huge well done and thank you to all of the Reception children.  They have worked very hard this year and each developed in their individual way.  We have had a lovely year with many happy memories.  Thank you for your school fund contributions which allowed us to:

  • pay for our trip to Morden Hall Park,
  • purchase our chicks and watch them hatch from their eggs
  • purchase our caterpillars and watch them turn into butterflies
  • purchase food for tasting  in our ‘Around the World’ topic

It has been great to watch the children become more confident throughout the year and begin to become independent learners.

We hope that you have a fantastic summer break!

We would also like to thank you for all of our wonderful gifts, we are very thankful.


The Reception Team


This Week’s Learning

This week the Reception children have been preparing for their move to Year 1.  They had two circle times with their new classes and had choosing time with their new friends.  Some Year 1 children came to speak to us and answered our questions about next year.  The children were very happy to find out about the new topics they will be learning about.

The Reception children also wrote about what they are good at and what things they enjoy doing.  We then sent them to their new teacher so they can start getting to know their new class.

Superhero Challenge


Your mission this summer: grab your family or friends to clock up 24 hours of fun, free activity, and help Unicef build a better world for children.

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  • STEP 3. Log your time every week for your chance to WIN incredible prizes – including a holiday to Disneyland Paris to take part in the Magic Run weekend!
  • STEP 4. Check out MISSION HQ for activity inspiration PLUS funCHALLENGE PLANS!
  • STEP 5. You can share your page and fundraise for UNICEF!Please  encourage your children to take part. They don’t need to fund raise, but it links to the following rights:

    Article 31 (leisure, play and culture) Every child has the right to relax, play and take part in a wide range of cultural and artistic activities.

    Article 24 (health and health services) Every child has the right to the best possible health. Governments must provide good quality health care, clean water, nutritious food, and a clean environment and education on health and well-being so that children can stay healthy. Richer countries must help poorer countries achieve this.

Please see the link below.

This week’s learning


In Phonics this week we have been practising to read and write words containing the adjacent consonants:  sp, st, pr, sm, tw, shr, thr, nch, str and scr. We have also practised reading the tricky words: were, there, one and little.

This week in maths we have been consolidating our knowledge and understanding of adding and taking away using both physical objects and number lines.  We were able to solve word problems by looking at what the significant numbers were and identifying whether it was adding or taking away.

During topic this week we spent some time with our new class friends and discussed some emotions we had about going into year 1. We also learned how to do a ‘bridge cut’ and chopped our fruit into bite-size pieces. We undertook a snail investigation in which we discovered that snails preferred eating leaves rather than tomatoes or cakes. We were visited by some African Land Snails that unfortunately escaped from their boxes! We made some wanted posters so that people could keep a look out for them and get them home safely. Our posters were very effective and the snails are now safely back in their home. Great work Reception!



Next week’s learning


Next week we are getting prepared for our move up to Year 1.

In phonics  we will be consolidating all of the knowledge we have learnt throughout the year. This will include: adjacent consonants; sounds; letter names; digraphs; trigraphs; vowels; blending; and segmenting.

Next week in maths we will also be consolidating all of the knowledge we have learnt throughout the year through a range of games and challenges.

In topic we will be writing a letter to our Year 1 teacher and telling them about more about ourselves and the things we love to do. Will will be continuing to get to know our new class and thinking about what we would like to know about Year 1. We will also be talking to some current Year 1 students and asking them questions to understand a bit more about what Year 1 is like. On the last day of school we will be attending a whole school assembly in order to celebrate our achievements and progress we have made over the year followed by a class party.


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Please be aware we are collecting in all school reading books on  Monday (16th).  We will still continue to read with children in school throughout the week.

Please have a look around at home to see if you can find any that may have gone astray. (Under beds, on book shelves, in toy boxes, our books love to wander so please ask your children to help track them down!)

Happy hunting 🙂

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