Next week’s learning

Next week we will be learning:

Phonics:                                                                                                                                                          We will recap the sounds: l, f, e                                                                                                              We will also practise reading and writing words using our phase 2 sounds.

Maths:                                                                                                                                                               We will be practising how to count with 1:1 correspondence to make sure that we can count a group of objects accurately.  We will also be matching groups of objects to their corresponding number card.

Topic:                                                                                                                                                                The celebration we will be focussing on is weddings.  We will learn about what happens at a wedding and look at pictures of weddings from different cultures.

We will also learn about healthy foods.


Anti-Bullying week


This week was Anti-Bullying week and we celebrated this by thinking about how we are all different but equal. In our assembly, we listened to the story ‘The Little Bully’ by Beth Bracken. We explored how the character ‘Billy’ felt and discussed how bullying makes others feel. We also thought about who we could talk to if we wanted to share a concern and thought about the actions we could take to prevent bullying. In class we made a jigsaw.  Each child coloured a piece of the jigsaw and then we put it together to see the finished product.


This week’s learning

We started the week by learning how to be kind to others as part of ‘Anti-Bullying week’.  The children each made a piece for our class jigsaw.

In phonics we recapped the sounds: m, n, b, d.    We also learnt which sounds are vowels.

In maths we learnt positional language: under, on top, next, behind.  The children enjoyed describing the positions of teddies around the classroom using positional language.

In topic we have been learning the songs to our Christmas Play and finding actions to accompany the songs.

Please keep practising any speaking parts for the play at home.

On Thursday our class teddies had their 5th birthday party.  Reception children made a jam roly poly to eat at the party, spreading the jam onto bread and rolling the bread by themselves.  At the party we danced to some music and played pass the parcel.  The children gave their class teddy a birthday card they had written.

Mufti Day: Friday 17th November

Just a reminder that it is Mufti day in school this Friday. This means children are able to wear their own clothes to school in exchange for a donation for the Christmas Fair.

Reception children have been asked to donate mince pies or Christmas themed cakes or biscuits. These are for 25th November so please can you make sure the ‘use by date’ lasts until then and they are packaged.

The letter for more details is available on the link below:

Christmas Fair Mufti Day

Next week’s learning

We have now completed all of the sounds in phase 2 phonics.  We will recap some of the sounds that children are unsure of before we begin phase 3. Next week we will practise reading words containing ‘b’ and ‘d’ to help children who find these sounds confusing.  We will practise segmenting and writing words containing ‘n’ and ‘m’.

We will introduce the term ‘vowel’ to the children and practise identifying vowel sounds (a, e, i, o, u) when reading cvc words (e.g cat) .

In maths we will be learning positional language and using it correctly in sentences.  The positional language we will be teaching includes: on top, under, behind and next to. Reception children will be given opportunities to describe the position of their toys using their new vocabulary.

In topic we will be building up our confidence to join in with our Christmas performances. We will also be celebrating our class bear’s birthday on Thursday. The children will be given the opportunity to write a birthday card to their class bear and play party games to help celebrate on Thursday.

Next week is also Anti-Bullying Week.  We will talk about how we can be kind to everyone and what we should do if someone makes us feel sad.

This week’s learning


This week in phonics we have been practising reading and writing words with our new sounds : b, f, ff, l, ll, ss.

We learnt to read the new tricky words: I, no, go.

In maths we have been recognising numbers.  A favourite activity was our outdoor number hunt!  The children loved finding hidden numbers and ticking them off their number checklist.

In topic we have been looking at different celebrations.  Reception children were excited to receive an invitation to their class bear’s birthday party next week. They have been busy writing a list of party items they will need for the party. We learnt about poppies and why we can buy them at this time of year.  The children have been painting their own poppy pictures in the creative and outside areas. We also read a story about Chinese New Year.  The children were excited to find out they were born in either the year of the snake (2013) or the dragon (2012) when looking at the Chinese Zodiac calendar.

We have also been finding ways to resolve conflicts with our friends by helping puppets to resolve their arguments.

The children have been very busy learning the songs and actions for their Christmas performance ‘A Wriggly Nativity.’

Please check your child’s book bag for a letter about the show including ticket requests and allocated parts.